Kiror Despair

Cleansing War Shrine

Cleansing War Shrine:

Ancient portals cast of iron by Dwarves of old and decorated by the graceful hands of Elves stood nearly alone in the shattered and collapsed ruins of what was once a walled citadel. Not the call of birds nor even the stir of vermin disturbed the silence in the dilapidated ruins all about them as the party strained on the doors pulling with all their combined might and pushing against a crowbar trying to open the doors so long sealed. More than a few of the group forcing the doors thought back longingly to just days ago when Quinn suggested they rush to beat his cousin to recovery of the treasure within these ruins. It seemed like such a grand adventure before days of wandering directionless in the festering rot which was the lands they crossed. From murk covered ponds and streams to crowds of the walking dead attacking as they slept, the grand adventure seemed now to be little more than a nightmare. Finally with a grinding shudder, the door gave way a little then more and soon the party stood looking into the ruins of what once was a vast entrance hall. Beyond the light of the flickering torch the sound of water dripping could be heard and closer by the sound of pebbles cascading down a cliff. The room was split nearly in half by a vast crevasse running diagonally across. The far side of the crevasse had fallen a score of feet. Beyond the rift a pair of doors can be seen. The one on the right has succumbed to the pressures of the cataclysm that split the room and collapsed. the one on the left, however, appeared to be intact. The party decided, though, to enter first through a door to the right before ever it got to the chasm. Beyond, a narrow hall stretched on into the impenetrable darkness. Ten feet into the darkness a passage appeared to the left but was completely collapsed. They followed the hallway to the end and around the corner until again they arrived at the bottomless chasm. Like before the structure continued beyond the breach but the crevasse yawned menacingly before them. Harbek Hammertoe, a stout Dwarf, fighter, and sometimes-smith from Grenoke passed a length of hemp rope about his middle and, with the characteristic courage of his race, leaped across and down and though he stumbled a bit upon the stones landed safely and reasonably unharmed. Anchoring the end of the rope, he encouraged the others to descend and soon they were all safely across, leaving the rope for future ascent if needed. The short corridor they now stood in ended in a battered, rotting, nearly collapsed wooden door that shattered open with the first shove revealing a vast chamber strewn with rubble. Clearly this room was once of great import. Upon the walls are large tapestries beautifully depicting the elven perspective of many battles during The Cleansing War. If these tapesties were depicting recent events at the time they were hung, then the ruins the party was exploring were over a thousand years old. Shortly after entering a dreadful howl rang out as a pair of fearsom looking beings charged into the room swinging rusty morning stars above their heads. The creatures were of man height and well muscled though were filthy and so covered with hair that it was hard to tell were the being left off and their rugged leather armor took over. The creatures charged Quin and Harbek and the adventurers turned to assist them. Quin was severely battered by the beasts in the first pass. The battle was but a skirmish yet each of the adventurers showed their skills before the beasts lay dead on the floor. The party collected the beasts scant belongings and set out down the hall from whence the creatures had come. The party travels down the dark passage and into an ancient kitchen that shows signs of having been the sleeping place of the two foul beasts. They search carefully and find nothing of interest and they return again down the hall and across the chasm to the room that they originally entered. Once again the party traversed the chasm Gyle, a tiny Gnome monk from the mysterious isle of Lea-Anuau, leading this time. Beyond the central door a short hallway lead to a large room with a raised dias along the west end. Several statues looked on as they carefully searched the room finding nothing. Through the room to the north, a short stairway lead down into knee deep water. The party sloshed through this and then entered a large throneroom to the west. Several statues of elven heros stood about the room and a large throne on a dias stood on the west side of the room. The center of the room was sunken to neck depth and from this water a tentacle rose. The party lashed out with missle weapons and the creature struck, drawing Atreus a Human paladin inside its’ gelatinous mass. Atreus managed to free himself and over the course of the battle Lynsho an Elven ranger was engulfed as well. Again the party showed their abilities well and the foe was vanquished. Leaving behind a magical elven bracer which was awarded to Alyessia San Fenlach,as the item clearly was a part of her heritage, and some coins of gold. After the party rested briefly from the battle they moved on to the final room in the north. Clearly this room was a burial chamber. Alcoves carved with with elven battle scenes circled the room where a raised dias stood in its’ center. Atop the dias a statue of an elf looked on in morning over a large inticatly carved sarcophagus. Once the sarcophagus was opened, 6 walking dead burst from the ground within the alcoves and the corpse within rose and struck Vinny setting him on fire. Gyle joined Vinny fighting the undead and soon he too was burning. The other undead were swiftly slain and the combined might of the party brought down the flaming undead. Within the sarcophagus the party recovered a longsword coated with frost, an ancient vial, a handful of red gemstones and a chest of gold. The party returned to Grenoke rejoicing with their success and their fine treasure.



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