Kiror Despair

Goblin Hunt

     Vinny has informed us that Lord Reginald Marquardt is seeking adventurers to assist him in some problems he is having with Goblins. We contacted the lord and through Quin’s clever negotiations we are to be well paid to seek out some goblins that have been robbing his caravans between Grenoke and Darlet. Besides defeating the goblins, Lord Marquardt expects us to recover the goods that have been taken and to return them in time for a transaction that he is involved in ten days from now. Lord Marquardt directs us to speak to Guard Robert who was along with the one caravan that managed to get through. Robert tells us that the goblins seem unnaturally well organized and give us an approximate area where the previous goblin attack had taken place.

Goblin Ambush

     We traveled to the location of the ambush attempting to disguise ourselves as a caravan. Exactly as planned, six goblins leaped from the woods and attacked. Through the parties combined might, the foes were swiftly vanquished and none of us were significantly injured.

     Our attempt at tracking the goblins back trail through the woods met with little success, however, and we were forced to come up with alternative means. We followed the road for a short ways farther and found an old abandoned road leading in the direction that Alyessia had indicated was our best bet for finding the camp based on the tracks she was able to find.
     We followed the the road until we found the ruined remains of a village that Quin informed us was an elven mining village, based on the architecture. Harbek stated that the village may be elven but the mine was Dwarven.

Ruined Village

     Before we had too long to discuss this though, several goblins attacked. Some spearmen and archers attacked us followed soon after by a ferocious bugbear like the ones we had encountered in the Cleansing War Shrine. As we fought, more goblins attacked us from stealth leaving us reeling in all directions, but the might of Gyle, Alyessia, Quin and Vinny, with the mighty Harbek Hammertoe holding the line, and Hemlock providing heals, once again found ourselves victorious and the foes slain. In the ruins we found a magical shield, a magical blanket, and a vial of healing drink. The shield, given to Harbek, was found to create a mighty magical shield that would protect the wielder and the person next to him. The blanket was found to generate food and drink each day, enough to nearly feed the entire party and was given to Hemlock. Scouting the village we found that the mine ended in a large and heavy door with an intricate lock that Vinny informed us requires a special key and it cannot be picked, even by him.

We gathered our treasures, Hemlock healed our wounds, and we followed the path of the goblins into a swampy area to the north.



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