Alain Hijo de los Vientos del Baile

Torku- Colubrian Bard.


Alain is stunningly handsome, well proportioned and well groomed. He has an excellent physique while not particularily well muscled or nimble. His hands are quite deft when it comes to plucking the strings of his ever present Lyre. He has a dusky tan skin color, long dark hair that curls or is straight upon its own whim, and deep brown eyes. He has no facial hair and a small black tatoo of a stylized hawk over his right eye and down the right side of his face to his ear.


Torku – Colubrian. Born of a rape by a Torku soldier upon a Colubrian maiden. Alain was brought up within a family of travelling minstrels. Like gypsies, they traveled endlessly through out Torku and the surrounding lands. Never was a meal served without music playing. As a member of the Torku race, he has a natural understanding and desire for money and all that it grants, but also as a Colubrian, he cannot stay in one place for long.

Alain Hijo de los Vientos del Baile

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