Lina Zalandra

A Human Rogue from Rendell


Lina appears to be a young girl, of approximately 14 years of age, however as one looks into her eyes, they can see that she is older. She has a pale complexion, is of slight build and is said to be anorexic looking. Though she has naturally red hair, it has been dyed black. She stands at 5’5 and weighs 135lbs and has small breasts. When she smiles, which is rare, it is crooked. She has piercings in her nose and eyebrows, however removes the pieces when adventuring. She has two tattoos. The tattoos were performed by an escaped Ithgari slave named Mixhoxolo. One is of a wasp that adorns her left shoulder. The wasp is a symbol for her, as it is small and fast. The other is a green dragon down her spine.


Lina has involved herself with the adventuring party for the present. She knows that she will probably have to return to Rendell, though is hoping she will receive messages from her employer and from her sister so she does not have to return soon. Before she left, she told her landlady to sell her belongings and re-rent the apartment if she did not return within the next three months. She is using her funds from adventuring to upkeep her persona Irina’s appearance and to get a decent apartment in a larger town. She has few other talents, so adventuring through killing and subterfuge is the best way to make money for her. Grenoke seems a bit small, but perhaps Darlet would be okay. She hopes to convince her sister to come here as well.

Lina has a deep belief to protect innocent women and children from violent men. She understands that even prostitutes need to make money somehow, and they might as well use what Estros has given them, but their clients have no reason to physically abuse them. Children should also never be abused. Some punishment is okay, but in an extreme, they must be stopped. She has used physical violence herself to prevent further violence, and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Lina grew up in poverty, and hopes to never return to it. She is adventurous and will try anything at least once. Prior to her current endeavor, she has never left the city of Rendell, so this is all a new experience to her.

Though she has had several sexual encounters, she has never been in love.

Lina Zalandra

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