Arkanon – A human nation built from the ashes of the Second Illerian War.
Azure Sea Trade Alliance – A collection of city states around the Azure Sea loosely allied for trade.
Castile-Leon – Trading kingdom currently invading the Coulbrian Steppes.
Colubrian Steppes – Plains lands on the east coast populated by nomadic tribes.
Crystal Mines – Mountains in the North occupied by the Adurek Dwarves noted for vast mining.
Dasill – A human nation recently separated from Zelendra led by the totalitarian Toliver.
Elenon Mountains – Mountain range in the wilds populated by the war-like Durvalk Dwarves.
Farathine – A republic of Elves and other Fey races.
Fields of Wrath – Volcanic islands south of the continent inhabitable by the Renshai.
Free City of Rendell – A anarchic city-state in Baranon Bay of pirates and privateers.
Halavantia – Mountainous highlands in the Northern region. Home of the Halavants.
Illeria – A militaristic human monarchy in the north.
Ironwood Forest – A vast wilderness between the human lands and G’Naraak.
Ithgar – A tribal village society from Isle Padaxes at war with Sebitad.
G’Naraak – A tribal goblinoid nation known for piracy and powerful warriors.
Kiror Despair – The Deadlands, a chaos-infected wasteland sparely settled by Kirorians.
Lea-Anuau – The mysterious island kingdom of the Gnomes.
Magnon – A Magocracy north of the Deadlands.
Mere of Chesylon, The – A treacherous wetland delta on the southern tip if the Deadlands home of the barbaric Vandavin.
Renarian Cliffs – Mountain range of the master craftsmen Krantik Dwarves.
Sebitad – Theocratic empire led by the Holy Emperor Ignatius, the God King.
Serrilea – A nation of merchants and bankers with a highly cultured society.
Wilds, The – Sparsely populated wilderness area to the west. South of Ironwood forest.
Zelendra – An ancient powerful human nation on a decline of power.

Other Continent
Alimzaine – Western desert island

Yet Another Continent
Rokugan – Asian Nation

Kandoria countries


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