A town about a week’s travel from Grenoke. This city is the largest and most prosperous in the western Kiror. At the time of the Cleansing War, all that existed here was the Fortified Abbey of Darlet named in honor of Del’Tareth. The official name had been stylized in the Kirorian language. At that time, the abbey was led by a spirited leader, Deathlord Mourgrymius. Under Mourgrymius’s tutelage, Cleansing War hero Ashrek Thorgrinn was inducted into the order of the Hunters of the Dead. The abbey suffered a long siege during the war, but never fell to the undead hordes. As a matter of fact, Mourgrymius discovered that if he and his men brought the bodies of the slain into the caverns beneath the abbey, they never rose again. These caverns were the very same in which Del’Tareth confronted the Vampire Lord and spoke directly to Abiosys. The abbey became a bastion of safety in a realm filled with horror.

A large city has grown around the cathedral, providing great wealth. This is a major trading and manufacturing center and has become the largest financial and banking center in the Western Kiror as well. Its long term stability and safety continue to lure new immigrants daily. The High Deathlord of the Cathedral of Bones serves as the head of the city, and retains the rights to name Hunters of the Dead.

The city is large, with wide avenues leading towards the Cathedral. Each of the main Avenues is named after a different God. There are two bridges spanning the river, named in honor of Andros and Estros. They are both lined with statues of their torsos.

Places of interest:

Cathedral of Bones
Fiery Dragon Inn


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