Intermediate Deity

Her Lady of Grace

Alignment: N
Portfolio: Woman, Dexterity, Litheness, Beauty
Favored Weapon: ?? (??)
Priest‘s Title: ??
Colors and Designs:

First paragraph deals with pronunciation and deities attitude, temperament, and general nature. Whether the deity is usually worshipped out of respect for the placated or out of fear (or both).
The second paragraph describes the church of the deity.
The third deals with worship (time of day & methods ), holy days, and what code the follower of the deity is expected to observe to maintain good standing with the church (and especially the deity).

History/Relationships: Important notes on the deities’ history, including his/her origin or a historic reason for current enemies. The deities’ relationships indicates enemies or allies among the ranks of the divine, as well as who the deity reports to (if any).

Dogma: Tenets of the religion that the followers must hold dear. This paragraph is written as if it were an excerpt from the holy test of the deity. Some of the dogmatic statements are written in absolutes (“No time is to important to not aid one in need”, and so on.)


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