City of Grenoke

Ruler: Count Rikert Vanirova
Population: 4,500 (Human: 60%, Fey: 25%, Other: 15%)
Imports Dried and cured meats
Exports Herbs, Herbal brews, logs, baskets, barrels, hides, furs
Classes Poor 10% Common 80%, Wealthy 10%

  • Grenoke is build upon the ruins of the Fey city of [NAME}.
  • It is a walled city fortified on a hill.
  • A standing militia of 100 ready men, with another 100 in reserve.
  • It is a minor trade town between Darlet and [CITY NAME].
  • The region around the city is noted for the herbs that are processed into medicinal remedies, both magical and mundane.
  • Many jobs are related to the cultivation and processing of these medicinal herbs as well as herbal trade in general, such as brewing.
  • The city is primarily constructed of wood and/or clay bricks and a predominance of single-story buildings.
  • Metal work is primarily used in agricultural means but also in construction and utilities.
  • There are no taxes for wealth brought into the city, for adventures spending provides additional income to the city. However, the economy of the city does not offer much for the exchange of rare and expensive items, as items often discovered by adventurers.
  • There are temples to Gaia, Journey, Artifice & Serenity.
  • There are guilds, including a thieves guild, called [NAME], who specialized in contraband, & fencing. There are approximately 20 members.
  • Common food sources are earthen vegetables (potatoes, carrots, turnips), game meat (rabbit, deer) & chicken.
  • The major streets are bricked while the rest of the roads are earthen.

Areas of Grenoke

  • Town Square with a stock and pillory
  • Count’s Castle/mansion
  • Old Quarter
  • Shantytown (Outside of the city’s walls)
  • Market Square
  • Local Sage

Places of Grenoke
People of Grenoke


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