Proper Name: Kingdom of Lea-Anuau
Ruler: King Warryn Donellakiat
Capitol: Brae-Anok
Population: 100,000 (Gnomes 90%, Elves 8%, other 2%)
     Military forces are approximatly 300 strong.
Government: Dynasty (Donellakiat family).
Religion: All Primarily Arcane, Ariel, Artifice, Aurora, Gaia, Guile, Harmony and Serenity
Races: Gnomes
Imports: Nearly nothing
Exports: Nearly nothing
     The Gnomes are a very self sufficient lot.
Alignment: Any

Lea-Anuau Map

Lea-Anuau or the Isle of Mists, as men call it, has quietly existed for many thousands of years. As Gnomes individually tend to hide rather than to fight, the nation too is hidden. Most sailors from other nations avoid the Island in the middle of the Azure sea because it is perpetually concealed in mists and strange noises come from it. The few sailors that actually land on the island are often horrified by strange visions and ghostly figures. Some sailors, however, tell a different tale of tiny elves coming out of the mists to rescue shipwrecked sailors, to nurse their injuries and then to take them to the shores and give them a small boat to leave on.
The Donellakiat family has ruled for many generations, and a generation for a Gnome is a very long time, and the nation has prospered. The current leader Warryn Donellakiat is causing much consternation in the lands as he is refusing any council and has even executed his son Wrynn for attempting to usurp the throne.

Life and Society

Most people of Lea-Anuau are farmers, ranchers, foresters or craft folk. Far far higher percentage of them are mages than any other nation could boast except perhaps those of Magnon


Insignificant, though some Gnomes choose a life of battle, the standing army of the nation, though well trained, number only a few hundred. Most of these are used in policing roles.

Major Geographical Features

Glistening Peaks: A snow capped mountain range that occupies the South-Central region of Lea-Anuau these mountains are rich in ores and precious stones but are very lightly mined as they need to support only this small nation. Some rulers of the past have improved the mines with the intent of export but while these improvements are maintained, the Gnomes have little interest in trading with the outside world.

Pemblian river: Beginning in a large lake of unimaginable depth, this river runs west to the sea. This river nearly divides the island in half between its northern peninsula and its western peninsula. The river has a fair quantity and quality of fish except in the spring when it is nearly overflowing with salmon returning to spawn.

Guilewood: Also called the Forest of Dreams, a vast forest that covers the Northern Peninsula of Lea-Anuau. Though this is actually the most populated section of the island and it houses its largest city and capital, Brae-Anok, little has been done to damage the natural wonder of the forest. Unlike the elves, however, who blend in to nature, the Gnomes are more inclined to bend nature to their will. Trees will be sculpted into pleasant shapes, scrub brush will be removed, deadwood is removed, because of this the forest looks more like a park than would an elven forest and much wildlife has been disrupted.

Cities of Lea-Anuau


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