Monks are trained exclusively in only two schools throughout the continent. The schools are extremely seclusive and getting to the school is a challenge. Infact if a student cannot get to the school, then he is deemed unworthy of attending. Because of this, most monks do not begin their training as monks until they have come of age as an adult. Though some very few students have begun as children.

The Frozen Calm school is located on an island north of Zelendra on a perpetually frozen isle. The only way to the school is either a desperatly cold walk across the ice in the depths of winter or an arduous boat passage through the floating sheets of ice and strong currents during the summer. A town is built around the monastery and the school and town are fairly self supporting with some few hardy root crops grown during the brief summer and year round fishing and some hunting. Students of the school receive a magical tatoo of a faintly glowing white-blue snowflake covering their left shoulder upon graduation. Some claim that the tatoo grants a degree of protection vs the bitter cold of the region and even some comfort in the burining heat of foreign lands, others, however attest that this is simply self control that the monk learns during his meditations at the school.

The Stone Fist school is located on a hill near the center of the G’Naraak nation. Entrance to this school is achieved only through a long walk across the goblinoid infested wastelands of G’Naraak. This monastery is well hidden in a series of hills. The school is self supporting through farming, hunting and trapping. Students of the school receive a magical tatoo of a faintly glowing fist made of stone and wreathed in flames. Some claim that the tatoo grants to its wearer flesh of iron such that they can be struck by any force and the blow can be received without injury. Others claim that this is truly brought about by the student’s intence martial training that teaches him to move with a blow such that it causes little harm and their stoic calm that allows them to show little pain.

Some occassional “outlaw” schools appear in other places but a monk that cannot show his tatoo is ill-regarded by some and even put to death in some circumstances. The monks are generally not a vengeful lot but any actions that reflect a poor light upon the organization as a whole by one of its members is strictly punished and by an outsider is absolutly untolerated. Some few times, a transgressor has been tracked down by the monks and punished for their misdeeds.


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