The Cleansing War

The Cleansing War was the the most destructive event in the recorded time on Kandoria. It is also hailed as the unification of the dwarven, elven & human races against a common foe, the chaotic forces of Asmodraxes.

Short and Simple Version – Deep in the Farathine Kingdom, a once noble and pious cleric, Bavordin, became overcome by the forces of Chaos and was born anew as Asmodraxes. He created an army of undead followers and spread throughout the fey lands destroying all in his path. The fey were nearing annihilation while the humans and dwarves were still gathering forces to assist, when the Renshai, a human race of warriors once banished off the main land for their ceaseless need for combat, intervened and offered their blades and their very lives to stem the flow of the undead forces and the darkening it brought. Once the humans and dwarves arrived the tided seemed to be turning for good. However, for every man, woman and child that fell, they soon rose again as a servant of Asmodraxes, his army would swell to unstoppable numbers. For every warrior to fall in combat, he would rise against and add to Asmodraxes’ undead ranks. This became an unstoppable juggernaut of an opponent, too mighty for even the unified races to hope to defeat.

The sages believed that due to the numbers that would rise in the forthcoming battles against the horde would create such an army that would quickly outnumber and surround them. They also divined the epicenter of the chaos and believed that was where Asmodraxas was located. There was also belief that stopping Asmodraxes himself would likely stop the resurrection of the dead that would shortly join his army. This could put an end to the ceaseless number that they felt that they were to face otherwise. It was agreed that meeting the horde head on would prove useless and that perhaps a small force of elite heroes could more easily get to Asmodraxes’ lair at the epicenter of the chaos.

The humans, Renshai, elves and dwarves agreed to gather their best heroes and reconvene in 1 month to select those who would go on this mission. In the end two of each group were selected based on experience, knowledge, and martial, divine or arcane prowess. The eight heroes prepared for planned for their mission. After little deliberation, they bravely foraged into the wasteland, following the lead of Merission Larenthalas, who the most familiar with the land.

To be continued…

To hell with the story, how do they die?

Ashrek Thorgrinn

Callistin al’Duris & Senra el’Destea – Faced the undead horde to buy time for the group for something… Die in a really neat scene where they face innumerable forces. Having accepted death, they face the horde with the only desire to see how deadly they truly were. Although they die, they delay the forces enough for whatever, and kill a ton of baddies.

Grurnön “The Grim” Stoneaxe

Kirya “The Widowmaker” – Disappears. No one knows?

Kylilbras Rinowilbrael – Dies leaving the Farathine kingdom without an heir.

Makarian Pendarric – Survives.

Merission Larenthalas

Naemiun Alexandre

Shrulfa Wepiana

The Cleansing War

Kiror Despair Smorgie