Lutetia (85,000) is the largest city of the kingdom, and is located in the region of Lutetia-region. It is located inland, on the River Baise. The city itself began as an island in the river, and has spread to both banks. There is one bridge that spans the width of the river, the Pont Savoranolle (built during his leadership). Smaller bridges connect both banks through the islands.

The city has had several expansions, with there being new city walls being built further and further out. The city has expanded past the newest set of walls, with those areas outside the walls now being called other cities. The main island in the river is the location of the Moulaine and the Courts of Law. The North Bank (Right – Droit) is the major commercial district, with a concentration of banks and marketplaces. It is also home to the Grand Pavilion of Artifice, where deals are made among merchant houses and the Halls of Harmony, where great concerts are performed and works of art are displayed. The Halls of Harmony are located on the Rue Plaisant. This street is also known for its vibrant theater district, where there are many independently run venues. This portion of the city is also home of many of the city’s wealthy, with the most expensive real estate on Rue Noraterre II. This area is also home of the most opulent bath houses and gardens.

The South Bank (Left – Gauche) is the manufacturing center. This area is dominated by the city’s wharves and warehouses, with butchers, weavers, shoemakers, seamstresses and smithies. A channel diverts water away from the River Baise and parallels it, before reintroducing water back into the river. Off this channel are several smaller channels. These channels are lined with water wheels running mills and fullers. Many of the city’s commoners also live in this district, where there is a host of public works for their use, with great fountains, bathhouses and schools. The Clinic and Orphanage of Aurora is located here as is the Ecole de Robert Genial.

North of the city, is the new neighborhood of Boisfort, where the king’s castle is located. South of the city is the fortress of Florian Magnifique.

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